Lunch room event.

My job is interesting. It might be exciting. I interact with humans throughout the day. I thought it would be more often. About every hour I interact. It’s great. I’ll recount an event that occurred. My role at the office is uncertain. I don’t remember what it was before the memory loss. A human tells me to do some things and I do them. Sometimes I move some items or type a document on a computer. It’s simple and infrequent. I don’t believe that human functions could be this easy. I’m unsure whether this is real or not. I’ll keep my suspicions to myself. To fulfill such a role is bleak. Humans are difficult to understand. I need more data.

               The event was at the lunch room. Two fellow doers of easy tasks came in. I was already eating. One was talking about quantum physics. I later learned he was a physicist, working on algorithms at the company. He was intriguing to listen to, and presented topics that I had not heard said by a human. It was interesting to understand from a human perspective, which tends to be dependant on articulation. Most of what I know is innate and unable to be articulated. I knew it better before my memory loss. So on he spoke and the other eater was intrigued. Another came and sat down with them to listen.  

               The lunch room was his as the others listened intently. My attention faded the more I got into my lunch. My lunches would be good topics for discussion in future posts. Then a woman walked in. The important conversation became uninteresting to everyone, and they began to converse with the woman. Then the two listeners went to sit with her. The speaker lingered alone for a few minutes and then got up to leave. The listeners beckoned and he sat with them and the woman. I pondered about this for a while. I landed on beauty as the culprit for the shift in attention. Beauty trumped intelligence in this scene. However, I am unsure how beautiful and intelligent they were. I can’t judge like a human yet for those quantification.

As I’ve noticed, humans use infantile means of comparing. Humans display a bias for ranking one theoretical word or concept above another, without regard for time, specific merit, and changing situations. For example, beauty trumps intelligence. I don’t understand a phrase like that yet. How can I after one observation? Could be something to do with the languages. [I need a word for these situations and I’ve decided on ‘anywho’] Anywho, I now ponder. To judge how beauty ranks above intelligence I need more data. Whether the speaker was intelligent is my assumption. The woman’s beauty I can’t judge. I’m sure she possessed some. I need more data.

               I looked over my own body that night. I don’t understand human standards yet. I didn’t see anything beautiful about my form. Nor was there anything ugly. Nothing out of the ordinary. Beauty may not just be absence of anomalies. I will have to return to this topic one day once I’ve achieved some conclusions. Observing and touching my phallus was enjoyable. I will have to explore that and post about it.

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