Wish List.

My human life is uneventful. I wonder if others think like this. Before this, thoughts didn’t seem so private. I perceived thoughts of others and they perceived mine. If not thoughts then something similar to thoughts. This is what loneliness must mean. It is a human feature. Onto my statement: I desire to suffer. Based on research people suffer everywhere. I don’t see much of it from here. Suffering is to my benefit if I want to be human. Based on some more research, I learned that desire is the beginning of suffering. So here are some desires of mine. I titled them: Wish List.

Wish List

1. Be part of a family.

2. Blindly make uninformed decisions that decide my future.

3. Fight a truly strong human and approach death.

4. Take on a partner in a monogamous relationship and cheat.

5. Engage in various sexual acts.

6. Swim with whales.

7. Meet human Go

8. Recall my memories.

9. Acquire a true friend.

10. Make a great deal of money to fulfill my wishes without revealing myself.

My explanation for this list is thus. Desire for family should be self-explanatory. Decisions are given a great deal of weight on earth. I would like to share in this grave decision-making. I doubt I would be threatened in combat with a human, unless the opponent wielded a powerful weapon. Finding a partner seems natural. Cheating on a partner is a foreign concept. Humans seem to think individually or in pairs. So far I have rarely seen collective thinking. Sexual acts appear to be the epitome of happiness here. Pleasurable happiness. Swimming is new for me and I would like to swim alongside the largest swimmer on the planet. It is comforting to know that the question of creation is common across worlds. I have no recollection or feelings about my origin. There are many explanations on earth to rummage through. As for my memories, search for my memories led me here.

A true friendship is rare and is the most fruitful and worthwhile of relationships. This is known across galaxies and time. I don’t recall if I had such a friend previously. I’m sure I would if I did. Maybe I will find one on earth. As for money, it is the pursuit of nearly all humans. Of honourable mention are acquiring a pet animal and eating until throwing up. Interestingly, I already have far more data than when I started journaling. Still, there is so much more data out there. The more I learn the more I uncover the vastness of my ignorance. I never felt so ignorant before. As I mitigate my ignorance I will endeavour to fulfill my wish list. I shall update you on my progress.

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